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Meet Our Horses

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Height - 10.2 Hands 

Age -  34 years old

Breed- Shetland pony

History - Smartie is our longest serving pony, she has now been at the centre for over 30 years! She has since gained the nickname “Nora’s little princess” as she’s very spoilt! Smartie is now retired, although in her younger years she was used for carriage driving lessons. She now enjoys a quieter life participating in our equine assisted therapy sessions.


Likes - Her treat is a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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Height - 13.2 Hands
Age -  23 years old

Breed- Welsh

History - Roadie has now been at the centre for around 6 years, she is one of the bravest in our herd. She is very calm and patient, and loves meeting people. Roadie is used for our equine assisted therapy and riding sessions


Likes- She just loves anything to do with food especially veggies.

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Height - 14 Hands

Age -  16 years old

Breed-  New Forest

History - Missy has been at the centre for over a year now. She is our newest pony, the centre has Missy on full loan from a local family. Missy is used for our equine assisted therapy and riding sessions. She also loves hacking out with some of our older riders!

Like -  Knocking down the games in the school

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​Height - 12.2 Hands
Age -  24 years old

Breed - Welsh B

History - Henry has been at the centre for 15 years! Bought for the centre as a 9 year old, Henry was funded by one of our riders who completed a sponsored run. Henry is known and loved by many for his party tricks and cheeky nature! Unfortunately Henry struggles meeting new people, so for that reason he doesn’t participate in equine assisted therapy. But is used in our riding sessions. 

Likes -  he loves to sunbathe and performing party tricks



We are a small charity local to Thanet. Established for over 40 years we rely solely on the generosity of the public.


Riding over 30 children and adults a week with the help of an amazing group of volunteers and ponies.

Our motto is “if we have the right horse we will take the rider, no matter the disability”


Would you like to join the team?

All help is welcome, we are always looking for more volunteers to help take care of our horses. If this sounds like something that you would love to do in your spare time then please contact us today.

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