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Our Services

The motto for our Centre is "if we have the right horse, we will take the rider, no matter the disability" We aim to challenge our riders to do things they wouldn't usually do to help challenge them. 

Our sessions are a recommended donation of £10 and last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. 

Please note that our weekend waiting list is now closed due to an overflowing waiting list. although we do still offer sessions during school hours.

if you would like to book a session or add yourself/your child to our waiting list please call us on 01843 863481.

Project Name

School Sessions
Our riding sessions are mainly therapy based. Regularly working alongside physiotherapists to aid client progression. We regularly teach group sessions to help build confidence, this is done through gameplay. We also teach basic riding skills. These sessions are a donation fee of at least £10.


Project Name

Hacking Sessions

Hacking is a form of riding which takes place on the road. We are lucky to have long quiet hacking routes around North Foreland and Broadstairs. Hacking allows a chance for our riders to learn important life skills. Riders will also have a chance to earn their TDRC ride and road safety certificate.

A volunteer helping a young girl ride a horse. The young girl is sitting on a brown tall hourse with a yellow hi vis jacket

Project Name

Therapy Sessions

We currently use two ponies for therapy, Roadie and Missy. Participants will be taught how to groom and look after a pony. They will also have the chance to spend time with their favourite four-legged friends.

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